Useful links

Victoria Stillwell – Vet and dog trainer – training dogs positively.

Dr. Sophia Yen – dog trainer, animal trainer and animal behaviourist – positive reward training.  Easily train your horse to come to you.  Train your dog or chicken or rabbit or parrot to do tricks.


I am a great believer in positive reward training.  This type of training will give you a happy and content dog.  Foreful training will only give you a fearful dog that is more than likely to show more and more agression as you use more and more force with its training.


Here is a lovely video to show you how to use positive training in order to put eye drops in your dogs eyes.  My own dog was fearful of anyone going near its neck and I actually spent some considerable time with positive reward training and finally got the drops in his eyes.  The video is from you tube and is not my video.