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I was born on 11th April, 1946 at Eastbourne in Sussex.  My dad was in the RAF and my mother was at home with my brother who is two years older than me and later on, my sister who is two years younger than me.

My maternal Grandfather was a Blacksmith/Farrier.  My maternal Grandmother was in service for many years.

My paternal Grandfather was in the Royal Army Medical Corps.  He was Psychic and could read tea leaves.

My paternal Grandmother took in washing in order to make a bob or two and she was also psychic and could predict events with great accuracy.

Both my parents are psychic.  Just like me they never looked on their intuition or natural talents as ‘being psychic’.

I first became interested in Clairvoyance and Mediumship when I lived in Skegness, Lincolnshire and after both my in-laws passed over to the other side.

However I did not realise I was psychic myself until I went to evening classes to learn Tarot Reading with Phillip Griggs.

I then found out that I was able to do nearly all the things the tutor asked us to do, like distant viewing, seeing auras and many other ‘psychic phenomena.’  I simply had not called myself psychic!

Indeed, I actually admired Psychics and Clairvoyants alike!

I saw my first Angel during a time of great crisis in my life and I have written about this in my book:

The Little Book of Angels for Absolute Beginners. 
For my Amazon Page go here.

As an Angel Intuitive I use several types of Tarot and Oracle cards for my readings.

I also channel Angels and Guides for my readings.

I have been on numerous courses and workshops to do with the healing arts, clairvoyance, mediumship, animal healing and animal communication.  I am a Reiki Usui and Sechem Master.

I have also been on numerous radio shows giving predictions and talking about the work that I do, for example, animal communication and mediumship.

I am  in April 10th 2008 Edition of CHAT Magazine – with an article on being an animal communicator.

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