Parrot Cake


In a departmental store, not far from you, is a manageress I shall call Betty.

Betty loves to bake cakes.

Betty bakes cakes each week and takes one to work with her on Fridays for all the members of staff to enjoy during their tea or lunch break.

The staff members cannot wait until Friday comes so that they can enjoy the very tasty cakes.  It is a special treat for them and brightens up what is often a very dull day or even week!

An employee at the said departmental store, whom I shall call Sally, loved Betty’s cakes very much.

She loved them so much that she asked Betty if she would not mind baking her one to take to her mother on Mothering Sunday.

Betty said that she did not mind baking a special cake for Sally’s mother.  She asked Sally to call round the following Thursday, as that was the day she did most of her baking.

Sally turned up on the Thursday.  Betty asked her to come into the kitchen as she had finished the special Mother’s Day cake and was making another one to take to work the following day.

Sally stepped into the kitchen and to her horror she saw a parrot sitting on the food processing machine enjoying the ride.

As the mixing bowl was going round and round, so was the parrot.

“He loves to sit on the mixing bowl while I make my cakes’, said Betty.  He sits there for hours just whirling around along with the food mixer.

Yes, the parrot was sitting and shitting at the same time.  The parrot poo was going straight into the cake mix below!

Sally took her special cake home with her, however on the Saturday she went and bought a shop made cake from the local supermarket and took that one to her mother.

After that all staff members at the departmental store made excuses to bring their own cakes into work!

This is a true story.  Only the names have been changed to avoid being prosecuted!

copyright Barbara Burgess 2016


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