Magic or Miracle?

Magic or Miracle?

Magic or Miracle?  Or maybe Angels at work.

We have a new puppy.

He was 8 months old when we got him.

He lived on a farm.

As he was not inoculated when we first had him he had to stay in our garden for five weeks, in between his inoculations and waiting until he was able to go out.

Border Collies are high active dogs and so we kept him busy with training exercises and I have some little jumps and things to occupy his mind and keep him fit.  We also took him for rides in the car and hubby would sit in the car with the back open while I went shopping, so that our new little puppy could get used to strange noises and even stranger people and other dogs.

When I took him out for the first time he was a bit overwhelmed with all the smells of the surrounding countryside.  Horses.  Although he had lived on a farm with horses.  No doubt the new scents brought back fond memories for him.

Doggy smells, rabbit and so on.

When I left the house my computer was still on and the pages that were open were Facebook and Outlook and a  page where I was waiting for a video to download.

When I got back to the house the page that was open on the screen was ‘Universal Hand and Verbal Signals’ for training Border Collies.

Now, if that is not a miracle then I do not know what is.

Or, as I believe, the Angels were working on my behalf.

Barbara Burgess © 18/03/2015



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