Somebody’s Dog

Somebody’s Dog

This poem was written in about 1952 by my Great Uncle Joseph E. Shadbolt

Somebody’s Dog

‘Only a dog,’ said the ‘cop’ on the street.
Only a dog that lay at his feet.
But one of God’s creatures
As such it was born.
Now victim of someone who just honked his horn.
Only a dog.  Maybe a joy
Torn from the heart of a dog-loving boy.
Someone will feel the pain and regret
A dog lover knows at the loss of a pet.
Someone will miss the heart-warming hail
Voiced without words by a dog’s wagging tail.
In somebody’s life a dog plays its part.
A place of its own in somebody’s heart.
So Mr. Driver, wherever you are
Please be more careful when driving your car.
Just for a dog’s and for somebody’s sake
When tooting your horn bear down on the break.
And Mr. Policeman, whatever your name
For a common expression, you’re not to blame
But don’t let a stock-word your good nature befog
Please don’t say ‘only’ say ‘somebody’s dog’.

Author:  Joseph E. Shadbolt of Eastbourne in Sussex and then of America.  (around 1952)

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