Randy Russell

Randy Russell

My story here is about another little dog that came into my life.  This time it was a little Jack Russell, not unlike the one in the picture here.  A long legged typical Terrier type with coarse fur. a white body and brown on its head.  A male.

I was probably about eight years of age at the time and still at Junior School.  The dog we had then must have been Bunty.  Being a bitch she came in season at least twice a year and she was probably about two to three years of age when she passed over to the Spirit World.

It was summer time and Bunty must have been in season as a number of dogs would appear at our gate each day.  One particular one was this little Jack Russell.  He was a persistent and very clever little thing as he also appeared at our back door on numerous occasions.  We had quite high fences and walls and gates around the house so how he managed to get in we do not know. We also had a conservatory and lucky for us this made for a good barrier between this little Terrier and our in-season bitch.  We were able to catch him before he made any amorous advances towards Bunty.

This little dog would follow me to school along with the others.  I actually enjoyed being escorted to school by several dogs.  It was great fun.  I would leave the dogs at the school gates, or rather they would leave me and I would go into class for registration and then into assembly.

This particular warm and sunny day I was stood in the middle of assembly, slap bang in the centre of the hall surrounded by my friends, class mates, and teachers.  The Headmaster was standing on the stage conducting the morning service when I felt something rather warm and furry grab my leg. It was this little Terrier.  I also felt the dog’s nails dig into my leg as he hung on for dear life in a very frustrated manner!

I pushed him away and thoughts of ‘how do I get out of this one’ flashed through my mind.  The dog did not give up though.  He continued to grab my leg and obviously, by now, the teachers noticed some kind of disturbance. I tried whispering to the dog to clear off but to no avail.

A male teacher then came over and got the dog by the collar and escorted it out of the school. When school began the gates would be closed and so this little Terrier could not get back into school.

I have never felt so hot and red with embarrassment before.  A dog grabbing my leg in front of all those people and me only eight years of age!

The teachers thought he was my dog and no one believed me.

When school closed there was the little s..t waiting for me at the gate and he looked so pleased to see me!  He must have waited all day long in the heat. He was hot and panting and he followed me home once more.

Thank goodness a dog is only on heat for about three weeks and male dogs generally know when the bitch will be receptive and so they wander off when she is ‘past the sell by date.’

This is only one of the numerous embarrassing moments of my life, be they to do with dogs, humans or anything really!

Image courtesy of Simon Howden at FreeDigitalPhotos.net


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