Randy Brandy

Randy Brandy

The above picture of this pretty little dog is nothing like the dog in my story here.

Years ago I had trained a couple of Spaniels to the gun.  (I am against shooting nowadays).

So I decided to advertise myself as a dog trainer  in my local paper.

A lady answered my advert and we met in a nearby park.

She had with her a very unruly, young Doberman male called Brandy.

I asked her to walk Brandy about a bit to show me his ‘bad habits.’  This she did and Brandy dutifully dragged her all over the park.

I then demonstrated, with great ease, even if I say so myself, how to have a dog walk calming to heal, on the lead.

The lady also tried this and managed to gain good control of Brandy and she even had a smile on her face.

At the end of the session we stood chatting about the best way forward for her and her dog,  when suddenly the lovely Brandy took a liking to my leg and then to me!  Standing on his hind legs he was taller than me and he put his front paws around my neck, hung on tight and began humping me.  Both the lady and I had a real job of getting him off!  I was so embarrassed, as the trainer, and went bright red.

Once Brandy had been pulled off me by his owner, who appeared to be used to this kind of behavior, we discussed his future and both Brandy and the lady went merrily on their way.

After that I helped a couple train two very boisterous Spaniels, however I think the dogs got really muddled as I would do one thing with them and then the man and the lady would each do different things.  The poor dogs, in the end, just refused to work at all and I refused to help them train their dogs if they were only going to each do their own thing and give the dogs different commands and signals.

Image courtesy of imagerymajestic at FreeDigitalPhotos.net


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