You Dirty Rat

You Dirty Rat

Who said, ‘You dirty rat’?

I thought it was Clint Eastwood.

People say James Cagney said it.

James Cagney says he did not say it!

When rats come into your vicinity.  Your home or your garden.  Or even if you become aware of rats then they are messengers.

All animals are messengers.  All animals can and will tell a story.

If rats turn up and illness turns up as well, then the message is to clear your clutter.

This means clearing the clutter of your mind, body, spirit, soul and life.


A friend of mine got divorced after seven years of marriage.

Her husband was a photographer.  She was not in the least bit  interested in photography.

He liked to take black and white photos.  She hated black and white photos.

He took a picture of them both.  The picture was in black and white.  He framed it in a plain old frame.  She disliked the frame as well as the black and white photo.

My friend had this black and white photo, of her and her ex husband, hanging on the hall wall, just inside the front door for all the seven years of their marriage and for another seven years after that!

Several times a day she had to pass by this photo that only reminded her of the bad things in her life.

One day she was told by another friend, to clear her clutter.  “Clear out anything that you do not like, do not use, and have not used for about the last three years.”  This other friend said.

She did.  With great gusto she stamped on the photo and broke the glass and frame and then took it up the rubbish tip.

She felt one hundred percent better after that.


Clutter, as you pass it each day, only goes to remind you of things you cannot have or cannot do or cannot change.

Clear your clutter.


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©Barbara Burgess 2014


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