Is it good for you?

 Is it good for you?

We used to live down a country lane.

Often horses would come down the lane and on this particular day they had been to the toilet right outside our house.

Not knowing this, I came out of the house with half a dozen Whippets and about four of them rushed over to the piles of poo and began literally gobbling it down as if there were no tomorrow!

My younger daughter, who was about three at the time, asked, ‘Why are they doing that mummy?’

I replied, ‘They say it is good for them.’

‘Is that what they put in Pedigree Chum then?’  was her next question.

She must have been watching the t.v. adverts!

©Barbara Burgess 2014

Image courtesy of bk images /

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©Barbara Burgess 2014


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