Of Mice and Men

Of Mice and Men

My dad had an allotment.

You had to walk quite a long way to get to it.  It was near where he lived as a child and where his parents lived.

You went from our house, turned left, over the railway bridge, turn right, back over the next railway bridge and there were the allotments.

My dad came home one day with a tiny mouse.

We asked how he came to have it.  He said he had caught it with his bare hands.

We were totally amazed.  Caught a mouse with his bare hands!  We thought he must have been very quick to do that!

We kept the mouse in our empty fish tank and dad returned it to the allotment a few days later.

My dad was a P.E. instructor in the R.A.F. during the second world war.  He was and still is a very fit man.  He only has full use of one arm now due to a car accident, however he gets hold of a chair in the mornings and lifts it up, just to keep his muscles going!

One day, when we were all quite young he decided to pick all three of us up in his arms at once.  Me, my brother and my sister.

He made gliders, the real kind, in our shed, in our garden.

He made a tail plane for one and the shed was not quite tall enough to house it.  He asked my brother to get some bricks handy while he lifted the front of the shed off the ground so that my brother could slip the bricks underneath and then the tail plane would fit.

I thought my dad was so strong to be able to life a shed!   The shed was about thirty  feet long and about eight feet wide.

©Barbara Burgess 2014



    1. Not sure about that one – however I am going to do a short blog called Auntie 1 and Auntie 2 – thanks for your email and comments. kindest regards, Barbara


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