Conversations with a Fish

Conversations with a Fish

A long time ago now, when I lived in Luton in Bedforshire I popped along to a florist shop, which was just a few streets away from where we lived.

It was a very large and well-known florist that had a few sister shops in the town.

A friend of mine was having her fourtieth birthday and I went in the shop  to buy a gift and card for her.  It was also a gift shop.

I did not frequent the store even though it was quite near to our home,  and so  I wandered about admiring the plants and cut flowers and all the other  items on display.  Then I noticed a little water fountain and went over to it.  The water from the little fountain flowed into a rather large concrete type of bowl.  I guess this could have been for an indoor or outdoor display in someone’s home or garden.  Then I  noticed about four quite large fish in this rather small and shallow bowl.  In the middle where the water was slightly deeper was the biggest of the four fish.  He had no where else to go.  He could neither swim backwards or forwards or even sideways as the water was too shallow in those places.

For a few moments I stood and watched the fish in the container and then the largest fish looked up at me and telepathically said, ‘I am so bored.’

After buying a gift and card for my friend I went back to the fish and told him come hell or high water I would get him out of there.

On arriving back home I explained to my husband what had happened.  I spent all night thinking about the best way of getting those poor fish out of the shop.

I had no idea what I was going to do but I thought of asking the owner if the fish were for sale and even making them an offer they could not refuse!

The following  morning I went back to the shop and to my surprise the whole place was empty and there was a For Sale sign pinned to the wall.

I have no idea what happened to the fish, I just hope they were given a new and better home and life.

©Barbara Burgess 2014

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