Psychic Story – Dead Dogs Help Humans

Psychic Story – Dead Dogs Help Humans

The following was told to me by a reliable friend who did not and probably does not know that I do psychic work.  I have no idea how the story came to be told.  It could be that I was at a dog show and waiting for my turn  to take my dogs into the ring and we got into this conversation in order to allow time to go by.

My friend told me that this particular day he was driving back down the M5 after a long day at a dog show.  He was showing Spaniels.  He said that as he was driving along he saw what looked like a Spaniel running along the central reservation.

As the traffic was rather heavy he was quite concerned.

He looked to his right again and there it was.  A Spaniel running down the central reservation.  He also noted it looked very much like one of his own Spaniels that had died recently.  This is why and how the dog caught his eye in the first place.

Then the dog ran across the M5, up a slip road and into some bushes.

My friend said he quickly turned off up the slip road and found a place to park and began searching the bushes and calling.

After a while he came across a man who appeared to be searching as well.  This man said he was searching for a Dalmatian.  This man had also seen a similar thing happen.  Then a third man appeared who was searching for a black Labrador.  Then, yet another man who had seen a Whippet running along the central reservation.  This was now far beyond a joke and far beyond a coincidence.

As none of the men had found a dog and as all four men thought it a very strange situation indeed my friend decided to get back in his car and continue on his journey.

Once back on the M5 he turned on the car radio and to his astonishment there was an announcement that there had been a mass pile up on the M5 a few miles ahead of where he was.

My friend said he sent out a prayer to his dog in spirit and came off the M5 at the next junction and took a different route home.

©Barbara Burgess 2014

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