Psychic Message from a Canary

Psychic Message from a Canary

My two girls are sports women and anyone who has brought up sporty children will know that you spend a lot of time sitting in stadiums and swimming pools and sports facilities.

In order to pass the time I would give psychic demonstrations to parents.  Like you do!

On one particular occasion a lad of about twenty years of age asked me about spirit and also asked if there was a message for him.

I tuned in and a Canary turned up!  The lad said he did have a Canary once upon a time.

The Canary told this lad that it had had a happy life but if the boy ever decided to get another Canary could he please vary the diet a bit!

The lad then told me that each Friday his dad would come home with this box of bird seed.  It never changed and they never gave the bird anything else to eat either!

We both laughed.

The Canary was a very cheerful bird whilst on the earth plain and in spirit.

©Barbara Burgess 2014

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