Psychic Budgerigar

Psychic Budgerigar

A long time ago, a short period after homo sapiens stopped living in caves you could get up early in the morning and find a bottle of milk on your doorstep.

The milk was delivered by a milkman.  These days, if there are any milkmen still left then they are probably known as milk persons.

Our milkman had a budgerigar.  He told me it was psychic.  He said it knew exactly what time he would be home after doing his milk rounds.

The milkman conveyed to me the story of how the budgerigar would begin to tweet and chatter away for ten minutes while his wife looked on.  She knew exactly when her husband would be home and open their front door.  It was always ten minutes after the bird first started chattering.

This became such a reliable method of communication between budgie and owner that his wife would begin to cook his breakfast and have it ready and waiting for him as soon as he opened the front door.

The milkman continued to tell me how he and his wife tried to trick the bird.  He would come home early or late, on purpose and the bird never failed to tell what time he would arrive at the front door.

The milkman even had a go at not telling his wife in advance if he would choose to be home a bit early or a bit late and even by doing this the bird still began chirping and ten minutes later the husband would be home.

The story continues that sometimes, after he had finished his round, the milkman would go shopping or to visit a friend, just to use up some time before going home.  Although, all he wanted was to get home and have some breakfast and go back to bed!  He tried very hard to test the Bird’s psychic powers.

Quite amazing!

Our pets know more than we do!

©Barbara Burgess 2014

Image courtesy of Salvatore Vuono /


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