Our First Dog

Our first dog was a little black canine we called Mickey.

My parents went off to the rescue centre to get him.

I remember taking him to the grass verge at the next street to ours and he squatted for a wee.

Now, he may have been a young male dog, and therefore not yet old enough to lift his leg, however, I too was very young and have no idea how old Mickey was or whether or not he was a boy or a girl.  Whilst Mickey was squatting for his wee a little boy came over to me and began talking.  He must have asked me for the name of my dog.  Then the little boy, who was of a similar age to me,  said that Mickey must be a girl dog as he had just  sat down to wee.  I was both embarrassed and very annoyed that some little boy, I did not know,  had told me that my dog was a girl and not a boy!

I quickly went home again but I cannot remember now the conversation I had with my mother.

I am going back many years and it was a time when dogs were not vaccinated and we probably could not have afforded it anyway.

Mickey soon became ill.  I do recall him being poorly and not coming out of his bed and then my mother asked me to help her take Mickey to the vet.  Mickey had not got out of bed that day and he smelled awful.  I refused to go with my mother and probably the bus was very crowded and she had to carry Mickey and his bed on a busy bus.  I felt guilty. She did not return with him. The vet said that Mickey had probably contracted hard pad and distemper whilst in the kennels.

We did not have him long.

©Barbara Burgess 2014


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