Barbara Burgess – Dog Blog

This is me!

With Little Girl and Big Boy on a beach, somewhere in Devon, and I may say, some years ago now!

I am squinting a bit in the bright sunlight.  Should have gone to Spec Savers for some sunglasses or remembered to bring them out of the pocket in the car door.

We rented out a small, terraced cottage on a farm.  Carswell Cottages – Dogs Welcome.  click link.

This was the farm’s own private beach.  They may have more than one beach available these days though.

The route to the beach was rather precarious!  The beach was quite small and covered in rocks.  Having had Whippets who can break their legs fairly easily I was very reluctant to let both our dogs off the lead for longer than a few moments. They were not that impressed with the sea, rather, loving fresh pools, ponds and streams more.  However, we all enjoyed ourselves immensely on this wonderful holiday.

When we arrived the beach was perfect and flat.  After we left it was full of holes and footprints!  We did see what looked like baby otter foot prints or even small otter footprints.  Not knowing how big an otter might be we were not that sure.  However we did not see any otters.

There were one or two little tiny rivulets of fresh water coming down the cliffs and so the dogs could get the occasional drink.

In the distance we saw a lovely little shack, halfway up the cliff, though how one got to it was a mystery.  I do believe the people who own the farm now do have a little hideaway shack for honeymooners.  No lighting, toilets or anything and I think it is only available for a few nights’ stay, rather than a week long.

So this is my new Dog Blog.  Depending on when you first visit it then it will either be new or ancient!

It is my intention to post here on a regular basis, so do keep popping back.

If you would a Reading then please go to my main website: www.barbaraburgess.co.uk



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